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Travel Ball Partner Program Information


To qualify/participate in Hall County Parks & Leisure (HCPL) travel team partner program, a travel team must provide a roster with at least 60% of the players being a resident* of Hall County, however out of county participants are welcome for an additional $40/player on top of the season fee.

* A resident is a player/participant who lives or attends a school in Hall County.

As a PARTNER PROGRAM member Hall County agrees to provide the following:

  • Contractually agreed specified field with field time to include two (2) events per week, any combination of games and/or practices. (Ex. - One (1) game and one (1) practice in a week or two (2) games in a week, etc.)

If field space is available after HCPL recreation season starts and the rec teams practice/game needs have been met, travel team partner may be eligible for a third event during the week.

  • A maximum of 12 game dates per season, double-headers permitted.
  • Scheduled hour and fifteen minute (1 ¼) practices through HCPL offices. Practice times must fall within HCPL's set times. (See attached practice schedule)
  • Provide lights between January and March or until no longer needed for practices & games. Once the time changes & lights are no longer needed, teams are allowed a single game only with lights; all other games/practices shall have start times early enough so as not to need lights.
  • Staff to do ONLY the initial game ready prepping of the field (dragging, initial lining, and setting of bases) for scheduled games. Rain-Out dates must be re-scheduled through HCPL.
  • Notification to team representative of any cancellation before 2:00 PM the day of the scheduled event due to dangerous weather conditions or if the field or facility is deemed unsafe/unplayable by HCPL.
  • HCPL must pre-approve all concession rights. HCPL is contractually a Coke products only facility. All non-food vendors are subject to approval and HCPL contracted concession vendors have first rights to all game days to operate concession stands at all HCPL facilities.


  • Partner must show proof of liability and/or accident insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 & a Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed as well.
  • Schedules must be pre-approved by Hall County Parks & Leisure at least 14 days prior to 1st game.
  • Fees and collection of money is prohibited except tournament entry fees for tournaments which have been prior approved by HCPL.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any time.
  • Partner is responsible for ALL person's participating in/or attending events park in designated parking areas.
  • Partner is responsible for the behavior of ALL person's participation in/or attending the event.
  • HCPL Zero Tolerance Policy will be in effect and enforced at all times. A signed Zero Tolerance Policy document must be on file with HCPL. (Zero Tolerance Policy attached)
  • Partner is responsible for ALL publicity, organization and notification of teams, rules, balls, umpires, awards, subsequent field lining and quick dry application, brackets, tables, chairs, portable fences, etc., that is associated with scheduled events.
  • Partner is responsible for any and all damages and shall repair or replace any damages to the equipment or to the facility, which may occur during the event.
  • Fields are not to be altered in any way.
  • Signer is responsible for ensuring that all rental areas are left clean & trash is disposed of properly. Failure to comply will affect any future rentals.
  • Signer or designated representative must have this agreement available at all events.


Payment must be received in full upon contract signing, as well as the team roster, proof of insurance, & signed zero tolerance policy.

  • $1500.00 – January through July Season (Spring – Summer)
  • $1500.00 – August through December Season (Fall – Winter based on a 9-12 game schedule)
  • Fall ONLY - $50 per game without lights, $75 per game with lights, pickup games, not a full season schedule.
  • $3000.00 – Full Year